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Elite can source a wide range of turf grass varieties for the backyard, field, oval, bowling green or golf course. We can help you find the turf most suited to your requirement and budget at competitive prices. For your convenience, below you will find different varieties of buffalo, couch, and kikuyu varieties.


Matilda Buffalo

Matilda soft leaf buffalo turf has an outstanding summer and winter colour, softness, drought tolerance and wear resistance, as well as being salt tolerant and disease resistant.

Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf has performance as good as any other buffalo grass, with the added benefit of fine texture. A Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn grows quickly across the ground, providing quick recovery from wear, has excellent winter colour, and has a deep root system. 


Kikuyu is a vigorous growing lawn that recovers from wear well, therefore making it suitable for high traffic areas. This lawn grows well in full sun, easy to maintain with a good winter colour but does need regular mowing throughout the summer months. Kikuyu is an affordable grass making it the grass of choice for the home and larger areas such as parks, fairways, and sporting fields.

Wintergreen Couch

Winter green couch will adapt to many regions of Australia and semi-arid conditions quite well. Recommended usage Winter Green Couch is a fine leafed lawn with a medium growth rate. It is fairly tolerant to low mowing and suitable for Bowling Greens, recreational and residential lawns.

Santa Ana Couch

Santa Ana Couch is a very fine leafed couch with a deep green colour and can look superior to other couches if maintained well. Santa Ana should be mown with a cylinder mower for best results and because it is a hard-wearing grass it is ideal for golf tees and sports fields.

Kings Pride Buffalo

Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf is a grass that stays greener for longer in summer and winter, softer than ever and is hard-wearing. It looks better and is sure to outperform or match any other buffalo turf. This hard-wearing turf will save you on maintenance allowing you to spend more time to enjoy your lush green lawn. Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo is the key to making a good lawn truly great.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter is another quality soft leaf buffalo grass available for consideration when buying a new buffalo lawn type for our homes. Sir Walter held consistently good colour throughout the year in full sun and partial shade.

Shade Tuff Zoysia

Shadetuff Zoysia is the lawn for new renovations and a backyard you want to “pop.” This lawn will give your new backyard the wow factor and have the neighbours asking how you keep your lawn so beautiful so easilyThis lawn is the highest winter performer with outstanding colour year-round. Its thick thatch and soft leaf provides a tough surface for parties, pools and your family pet.

Legend Couch

It has a lush, dark blue/green colour and has a great resistance to cooler temperatures. Depending on frost frequency, this variety may discolour and go dormant through winter. Legend Couch has rapid establishment and an excellent ability to repair itself quickly. This is why Legend Couch has been chosen for Sports Fields such as Blue Tongue Stadium and ANZ Stadium.

Grand Prix Couch

Grand Prix is a high density, medium leaf textured turf, which is dark green in colour. It produces low seed head numbers and features a hard-wearing surface. As with most improved couch selections, drought and heat tolerance are exceptional. Once established and with the correct management, Grand Prix will survive on rainfall alone. Resistance to wear is superior and wear recovery is rapid in warmer temperatures.

Star Xpress Couch

Star Xpress couch is an Australian developed medium textured leaf couch variety. It is most suitable for use in applications where vigorous growth and recovery is paramount, perfect for commercial and recreational landscapes, golf courses, sports fields and high traffic areas. Star Xpress has a high salt tolerance, high wear tolerance and requires less water, fertiliser and pesticides than most other couch varieties on the market.

Turf Laying

Whilst some people find turf installation to be a straightforward job others just don’t have the time. Depending on the size of the area and location of the job, our fully accredited turf growers can take care of laying the turf for you