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Elite are a major distributor of Rockcote Cement Render, Acrylic Based Polymer Renders, Primers, Roof Solar Protect, Signature Trade Premium Paints in Western Sydney and Blue Mountains. With on site tinting and mixing facilities we are able to make onsite and delivery direct with our own transportation. Visit our on site display or call us for order and enquiries.


Cement Renders

Rockcote’s cement render are premium, pre-blended products designed to provide a smooth, durable, and attractive finish to various surfaces. Our cement render products are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, ensuring consistent results with every application. With a focus on ease of use and exceptional performance, they are the go-to for both residential and commercial projects.

Acrylic Based Polymer Render

Rockcote Acrylic Renders are flexible coating for use on substrates such as fibre cement and painted substrates where tolerance to movement and good adhesion must be considered.



Rockcote Masonry Primer Hi Op is a high performance full acrylic primer for use over various substrates. It provides a low suction substrate that will increase the lifespan of subsequent paint coatings. Rockcote Masonry Primer Hi Op is ideal as a primer for use with Rockcote high performance membranes and coloured textures.


Coloured Renders

The advantage of Rockcote Coloured Render is the depth of colour that permeates the entire render layer maintaining a rich, full colour for
exterior walls. Coloured Renders by Rockcote are designed for use as part of a complete Rockcote Systems. Each component has been formulated by Rockcote to work optimally in Australian conditions on Australian buildings.


Texture coating with paint is a long lasting and durable finish designed to create smooth textured and tactile looks for your surfaces. Our Textures comes in various pre-mixed / blended forms ready to use or just mix with water. Coated with Rockcote Armour our membrane paint will give you an easy maintenance surface and long lasting finish.

Whether you’re looking to add a subtle textured effect or a bold and dramatic finish, there’s a texture coating for every aesthetic and project.

Marble Trowel On

Rockcote Marble Trowel On is a blend of selected marble and coloured mineral aggregates set in a 100% acrylic binder providing a protective and highly decorative finish over many substrates. Rockcote Marble Trowel On provides a beautiful coloured texture finish, using only naturally sourced coloured marble chips.



Patching Compounds

Rockcote Patch & Prep is a pre-blended, polymer modified cement adhesive base coat that only requires the addition of clean water and mixing before application. It is specially designed for use on fibre cement sheet and cladding for setting joints and for the installation of PVC beads. Patch & Prep is an integral part of the Rockcote cement sheet jointing system.



High Performance Membrane Paints

Rockcote Armour is a flexible, high build elastomeric membrane coating and provides a flexible, heavy duty and water-resistant membrane coating that can be applied by nap roller, brush or spray gun. Rockcote Armour is applied at greater film builds and offers an additional level of protection to the surface to which it is applied. Rockcote Armour has been developed for superior protection from Australia’s harsh climatic weather and conditions.

Clear Finishes

Rockcote Clearcote is a clear, acrylic finish developed to provide added resistance against water ingress, mould/grime pick-up and retention over the complete range of Rockcote finishes. Rockcote Clearcote can be used as a top coat over Rockcote Coloured Renders and specialist products to provide extra protection.



Rockcote Solar Protect is a high performance acrylic roof membrane, manufactured using 100% acrylic emulsions to provide long term protection for most roofing surfaces.  Solar Protect roof paint is suitable for use over steel and tiled roofs.