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Soil & Garden Mixes

Elite Sand & Soil carry a huge range of garden soil options from Premium Garden Mix and Organic Garden Mix to General Potting Mix, certified organic garden soil products and specific vegetable soil mix.


Elite Fertilised Top Dressing

This premium blend of Elite Turf Underlay with 10% Chicken Manure is perfect for top dressing. This blend encourages the grass to spread by giving the soil a boost of manure and a medium to grow in. For couch grasses or cylinder mowers we recommend USGA sand.


Veggie Blend

Veggie Blend is a blend mix of sand, soil, organics and manures which is perfect for a rejuvenating the soil around a wide range of Fruits, Vegetables, Citrus, Herbs and Rose gardens. Blend into the existing soil to add nutrient back into the soil for the plants to feed and produce.


Elite Turf Underlay

This blend of 80% natural sand and 20% natural soil is great for laying under new turf ie Buffalo, Couch or Kikuyu. Its sand contact is not too dense and great for the root system to adapt to.


Budget Underlay

A sand & soil blend of natural and recycled product used as cheaper underlay for turf ie kikuyu. Also used for premium fill.

Organic Garden Mix

A bulk Garden Mix blended for gardens to plant trees, hedges and shrubs .This mix of sand, soil, fertiliser, green waste and ash can also be used to improve the quality of existing soil

Native Garden Mix

This blended compost and sand mix is an excellent soil suited to Australian natives. Native Mix consists of composted organics, sand and screened peat which will provide a free draining blend with sufficient water retention.

Specialty Soil Blends

Speciality Soil Blends are produced from premium double screened sand & soil to assure a consistent product is delivered every time. Recommended for Top Dressing or Construction Material in the Turf Industry.

50/50, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10